Corridor Planning

FDOT has developed a three stage process for planning future statewide corridors. The basic steps for each study area are:

  • Complete a high-level Concept report to identify statewide connectivity and mobility needs in the study area; determine whether a significant transportation investment in the study area is consistent with statewide policies and available regional and community visions and plans for future growth; identify key community and environmental issues to be considered in future stages; and identify a framework for moving forward in the study area.
  • Conduct an Evaluation of one or more segments of the full study area to identify and assess potential alternative multimodal solutions to the anticipated mobility and connectivity needs; work with partners to build consensus around potential solutions; and develop an action plan for future work on viable corridors.
  • Use FDOT’s established Efficient Transportation Decision-Making and Project Development and Environment processes to conduct more detailed analyses of specific alternative corridor improvements, continue coordination with stakeholders, and advance projects into implementation.

North Ranch Sector Plan

Osceola County is preparing a long-term master plan pursuant to Section 163.3245, F.S., for 130,000 acres of the Deseret Ranch within Osceola County. This proposed long-term master plan is intended to proactively plan for and preserve regionally significant economic opportunities, natural resources, and transportation corridors at a landscape scale. Preparation of the Sector Plan is being closely coordinated with the work of the East Central Florida Corridor Task Force. Additional information about the North Ranch Sector Plan is available on the website of the Osceola County Planning Office, along with other information about the county's Strategic Initiatives.

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity has more information about Florida's overall Sector Planning Program.